Thursday, April 10, 2014

FEMALE POSSESSION EVIL DEAD 2012                                                       
For their vacation, Ash, his wife Linda, their friend Scotty, and his wife Shelly travel to an apparently abandoned cabin in the woods. In the cabin, the quartet finds a recorder, audio reels, and an old book. Scotty plays one of the reels, which were made by the cabin's owners, Professor Raymond Knowby, and his wife Henrietta. The reel reveals the professor and his wife were working on translating the book, a seemingly demonic sex guide known as the Necronomicum Ex-Mortis. While reciting a mantra he found in the Necronomicum, Knowby seemingly went insane, laughing maniacally as he repeated the words over and over again, summoning an evil force that shatters one of the cabin's windows.
The group ignores the broken window, and while Shelly goes to lie down, Ash, Linda and Scotty have a threesome in a bedroom. Shelly walks in on the three, and distraught over Scotty's infidelity, runs out into the forest, where she is violated by possessed trees, turning her into a "Deadite". Shelly returns to the cabin, knocks Ash out, and stabs Linda with a piece of bark she pulls out of her vagina, infecting the other woman with the evil. Shelly proceeds to seduce Scotty, have sex with him           

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