Monday, April 21, 2014

FEMALE POSSESSION                              V!RG!N WH0RE 2001 - A young virgin, Justice (Gwen Summers) is sent an amulet found on an archaeological dig site in Central America by her father. This turns out to be more than just an innocent trinket as it houses the spirit of an ancient being. A priestess who led a secret cult who's sole purpose was in turning young virgins into insatiable whores. Justice soon finds herself a nymphomaniac after her pussy becomes possessed by the evil spirit. From having her cherry popped by an unseen force to her now talking pussy, Justice had been posed to the edge of her sanity, and then past it as she gets transported back through the centuries to confront the pornographic priestess herself in an unforgettable orgy of unspeakable atrocities! It doesn't go more over the top than this.                  

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