Wednesday, September 23, 2015


A group of friends travel to an isolated area of Hawaii to get away from it all and relax for the weekend. The group is relaxing, drinking beer and listening to the radio, when suddenly there is a bright flash in the sky and a meteorite crashes to the ground near their party. While attempting to investigate the explosion, some of the group comes across a small glowing orb floating in the air. One by one the orb enters the friends' bodies and takes control of them, turning them into mindless Sexed up hosts. The group runs for their lives not knowing who has been infected by the orb and who they can trust....

Thursday, August 20, 2015


Sanguin-X – Episode 1: “And a Vampire Shall Save Them…” And never in all my eons have I seen a heroine film with a protagonist who is both an exorcist and a vampire, but that’s the case here as Diana Knight plays Catrin, the lead heroine who resembles something like a mix between Emma Peel and Father Merrin from The Exorcist.  In fact, the entire video feels like a mash-up of several films, mostly The Exorcist and Blade, but with a female protagonist.  With the usual high production quality of Alex Bettinger, good performances, and lots of peril, the result is a very entertaining heroine peril video with a vampire/exorcist twist. The film begins with a female victim of demonic possession (Tara Nicole), who appears to be too far gone for “regular” exorcists like Rifferus to be of any use, hence the need to contact Diana Knight’s Catrin to take care of the problem.  Rifferus recruits a reluctant Catrin to apply her unique talents to the situation—talents which include wearing a sexy, skin-tight black leather outfit.  They arrive, and Catrin begins to try to defeat the demon.  Catrin has a brief encounter with the possessed girl, who reveals the big spoiler of the episode, that Catrin is indeed… a “vampire exorcist!”