Thursday, May 29, 2014


SL!DERS - SEASON  3 - EP - !9  THE BREEDER - Quinn, Maggie, Rembrandt, and Wade are running through a tropical bog fighting off amoeba-like parasites that are trying to attach themselves to them. Maggie is hit in the face by one. it's discovered that the parasite deposited a larva into her that Has taken her over completely, & is controlling her motor and body functions. the larva in Maggie's body takes control of her and tries at first to implant her.   Dr. Sylvius wanted to harvest the creature in Maggie's body to learn how the creature replicates so quickly, thereby allowing organs to be grown rapidly and eliminating the need for the mandatory donor program.  the creature escapes and crawls into Dr. Sylvius' open mouth as the others, Quinn, and Maggie slide. After the vortex closes, the symbiont -- now in control of Dr. Sylvius -- begins to evaluate potential breeders.  (  )  

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