Sunday, April 13, 2014

FEMALE MIND CONTROL                  A SCENE FROM  EMPIRE OF THE ANTS  -  1977     --    shady land developer Marilyn Fryser (Joan Collins) takes a bunch of new clients to view some 'beach-front property' on a nearby island. In reality the land is worthless, but the trip is cut short by the group stumbling upon the lair of gigantic ants. The ants destroy their boat and chase the group through the woods. Fleeing for their lives through the wilderness and losing many of their party along the way, the remaining survivors eventually discover the local island town. But their safety is short-lived when they realize that not only are the giant ants feeding on the local sugar factory, but at the behest of the humans. The queen ant, using pheromones has the entire town completely under control, and the giant ants are determined to exterminate humankind and build an evil empire.                                

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