Monday, April 28, 2014


it is revealed that the Medeiros girl has possessed Angela. After telling Owen that she does not need him to get out as she can impersonate his voice, she kills him. She takes his radio and, using Owen's voice, says that the mission is over and that they can let them out. She also tells them that he is staying behind because he is infected and the only survivor is a woman, Angela. When asked how the woman survived, Angela leans towards the camera and smiles.   The ending of the original film is shown. Angela is dragged by her feet into the dark but manages to crawl back into the camera's view. The Medeiros girl quickly gets on top of Angela and inserts a worm-like organism into Angela via the mouth .The slug takes her over instantly, She then hears Owen and the GEO team, and goes into hiding, marking the beginning of the film          (LINK TO FULL MOVIE)                                                         

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