Saturday, May 17, 2014


HER0!NE BR@!NW@SH  -   Two righteous heroines, Saint-Spica and Saint-Polaris have been protecting people from clutches of an evil witch named Siren. One day, Saint-Spica follows spooky signs, but it is Siren’s trap! Saint-Spica is captured and she struggles, but somehow she sends out SOS in pain. But SOS doesn’t reach Saint-Polaris. Actually, this room is magically shielded with Siren’s evil power. Saint-Polaris doesn’t come to rescue her, so she loses faith in Saint-Polaris. The witch Siren never misses such a defect in her mind, and inserts an evil mind into it. Saint-Spica is not completely possessed by the evil, but Dark-Spica is born from Sailor-Spica’s dark mind. Now, the witch Siren plots to defeat Saint Polaris by Dark-Spica... Well, what on earth will happen to an end of a cutthroat battle of three women in which righteousness and evil mingle!?    

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