Thursday, May 8, 2014


D!NAR@NGERS - PART 2 - Dyna Phoenix Maya Hino (Red)  has been cornered but has a secret plan to take the two in by brainwashing, not by beating them. But to  transform them into evil zofta  soldiers , Dyna Phoenix! evil ones's dirty meat shaft is thrust deep into her throat, spreads her slit wide, and sends her to climaxes with sensuous piston movements, shattering her sense of reasoning to pieces... Zopfer’s black slime wraps up Dyna Phonix’s body to turn her into Zopher’s woman fighter. No longer Dyna Phoenix, Maya is now a full-fledged, Spartan woman fighter of Zopfer... Meanwhile, Saori Mizushima, knowing nothing about the fate of Maya, is in battle with the fighters to save Maya... What destiny will befall the two?   (   

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