Monday, May 19, 2014


P!R@TES - 2 - ST@GNETT!S REVENGE  -  Captain Edward Reynolds brags about  victory over the dreaded pirate Victor Stagnetti to his loyal companion Jules; he has even assembled a new crew for his ship,
Olivia and Jules  eventually end up in a steamy lesbian experience. Later, Edward comes across Takvor, the Armenian gold pirate, during a female slave auction and is invited to participate in an orgy featuring belly dancers and slave girls.
 gando is captured by the Chinese pirate empress Xifeng and is administered a liquid From a Parasitic Creature that Tkes her over completely, & gives her control over Jules' body and mind. Xifeng uses Jules to seduce/capture Edward. He is then forced to fight a dragon-like creature, but Olivia saves him at the last minute.
Meanwhile, Victor Stagnetti is reborn from the sea. He and Xifeng engage in a three-way with their new thrall, Jules, as she happily obliges. Edward and Olivia fight off a host of undead skeletons Stagnetti summons and more.   (  )                          

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