Friday, July 1, 2016


BrainDead is an American thriller television series--- The series centers around the White House, in Washington, D.C., where an "Invasion Of The Bodysnacthers"conspiracy is set that many members of Congress have been Converted with an Alien Parasite,That Takes Them Over,& Converts Others To Those Like Themselves --- Here Are Most of The Female Possessions/Conversions/Assimilations That Has Occurred in The Show So Far....
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Tim Ye said...

Hello,may I ask a question about a video? I thought you uploaded before which was about a woman went to the hospital to see a female patient,then the patient caught her shouolder and scream.After a while she was possessed and eyes turned to black.The end of the video she was running after a man who talked to her before she got possessed,then the man closed the elevator.I see it on youtube before but I cannot find it anymore. Can you help me about the name of this video?Thank you.