Saturday, January 27, 2018

TABICO & UZOBONO CORE #12: Internal Affairs       And Speaking of INVASION OF THE BODYSNACTHERS, Here's the latest EROTIC WORK OF SCI-FI by UZOBONO, & The Mighty TABICO, CORE #12 INTERNAL AFFAIRS....It has everything in it squick lovers such as we all love....great plot, & multiple serial conversions, very hot indeed... (TABICO) Sizzling artwork (UZOBONO)  all of their collaborations have simply been awsome, & outstanding, but this chapter has touched, & satisfied Evey itch that i have for this is written in the vein of  "INVASION OF THE BODYSNACTHERS", but there are some variations here and there... (not giving up the plot)  But if there is anybody out there that loves (ALIEN PODS, CONVERSION BY ALIEN SLUGS,SQUICK,SUBVERSION, MULTIPLE SERIAL CONVERSIONS BY ALIEN SQUICK, & HOT SIZZLING SEX MIXED UP ALL IN IT? Then check this out...!! 

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