Wednesday, June 11, 2014


DEM0N LEG@CY - 2014   -  After having her heart broken by her boyfriend of four years, Michelle (AnnaMaria Demara) decides to spend some time away in the woodland retreat of her parent’s secluded mountain lodge. Joining her at the woodland cabin are four of her college sorority sisters, who’ve decided to spend the vacation cheering up their old friend. Once night falls, the booze is broken out and the girls begin to party like they were back in high school, from dancing on the table to topless hot tub dips and even a game of dares. The latter ends up with mad-head Sharon heading into the spooky basement where she discovers a oujia board and planchette belonging to Michelle’s grandmother Grace (Eileen Dietz) who was a clairvoyant. Unperturbed by the dark history of the lodge, which saw Michelle’s grandmother die in a mysterious fire in the cabin that once stood there, the girls begin to mess around with the spirit world. Unfortunately for them, evil spirits cross over into their world and begin to hunt down and possess every human in their path.    (  )      

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