Saturday, June 14, 2014


B@FFY THE V@MP!RE S!AYER       (B@D EGGS )Season 2, Episode 12    &   XXX               (in health class, the teacher asks the students to take care of an egg as if it is their baby. That night, while Buffy is sleeping, her egg breaks open and tentacles emerge and attaches themselves to Buffy's face. Late that night, Buffy sees her egg is moving. She gets closer and the creature inside leaps at her face, then drops and scuttles under the bed. It climbs the wall behind her and she kills it with the scissors,  Buffy calls Willow to warn her, but Willow's egg has already hatched. Willow has been completely taken over & converted by the evil Demonic egg....  The next day at school, Willow tries to convince Buffy that her egg must have been a trap set by the cowboys. As they walk, the camera shows the little creature from the egg is hooked to Willow's spine. In the science lab the gang debates dissecting the creatures. Willow volunteers, and moments later, Cordelia's egg wakes up from inside her backpack. She suddenly picks up a rod and hits Buffy across the face with it. Willow grabs a microscope and hits Xander. They are thrown into a closet. Then Willow and the others are seen grabbing hoes and pickaxes. Mrs. Summers comes to school to pick up Buffy, and finds herself having a conversation with Giles about Buffy and children in general. Then she is turned into a host by him when he picks up a creature and puts on her back. The two head down to the basement where they begin their work for the mother Bezoar.              (    )    (  )     

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