Saturday, August 8, 2015


(UPDATED REPOST).....THE WHOLE 3 RD SEASON OF UNDER THE DOME 2015 (SO FAR) An Alien egg infects people, causing them to essentially do whatever their leader (converted scientist Christine) wants them to do. A lot LIKE Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Christine was the first to become taken over by an alien egg that came to earth via a meteor shower,She then became the Queen, slowly, she began to convert the townspeople one by one, placing them into alien conversion pods (by converted human Melanie)....   until they all became pod people under her control....some scenes are hot (by CBS standards), two in particular, one is when she converted the young boy by an alien cumlike substance,& then she has sex with him,sealing his fate as he becomes converted by the Queen & second, when she converted her black fellow coworker scientist with the same cumlike substance , as she fought hard against her converted coworker, only to become converted herself,& transformed by the alien pod/hive/Queen, she then commands her to have sex with the lead male of the series to completely convert him to the alien Queen... he also succumbs          

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