Friday, November 20, 2015

Good Vampire hunter girl is turned evil

Viva Antjack (MY Newest Channel)     .....    A vampire hunter girl named Alonna Gunn walks down the street, followed by a group of vampires. When the vampires turn around, Alonna's brother, Lead vampire hunter, Charles Gunn and many others are there, armed and ready for a fight. Several are killed on both sides and in the end the vampires run off leaving the humans to deal with the wounded.Angel saves Alonna's life from one of the traps and tries to explain that he is fighting for good.The vampires throw smoke bombs into the humans' hideaway, forcing them to escape to the surface. Covered in heavy clothes and wearing gas masks, the vampires capture several of the teen vampire hunter gang members, including Alonna. Charles Gunn finds a newly undead & turned  evilly corrupted Alonna, but at first can't bring himself to kill what used to be his sister. When she offers to make her brother a vampire, he fucks her.  "War Zone" is episode 20 of season 1 in the television show Angel.

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