Saturday, November 5, 2016


Behind Moon - Dulce Report
This doujin series is the reason why i tolerate futa. In fact, corruption by futa is one of my favorite forms of corruption. , but i really want to mention this since the MC/corruption is on the same level as that of Dinarangers. Even if you don't like futa, but love corruption, you have to read this. SynopsisTadashi Momose is the 13th resource for the antagonists, and her symbiosis is six thousand years in the making. Now known as "Momoe," she has been transformed by aliens and an unknown organization against her will. She merged with an alien life form having changing her into a hermaphrodite with both sexual organs. Her semen is capable of infiltrating the human consciousness and turn them into worker bees that serve their master. If desired, a parasite can be sent into a host to recruit help, such as Midori and Yuki and even the class president.

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