Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Sayaka Ijuin,is Aphrodite, a warrior to serve justice as ordained by god. Using the baton that has a mysterious power, she purifies the hearts of the wicked and elicits inherent good human nature out of them. But, here is a scientist Matsudo who conspires to use the baton in conquering the world. he sets out to kidnapping Sayaka Ijuin whom he claims to adore as a fan. Whereas Matsudo’s underlings do not know that Sayaka is Aphrodite herself, they find Sayaka as transformed too tough to beat. Instead of fighting, they appeal to the benevolent spirit of Aphrodite and, finding a chance, take civilians as hostage and succeed in capturing her. Aphrodite is hurt and damaged by the underlings’ torture. Matsudo learns that only Aphrodite can wield the power of the baton and tries to brainwash Aphrodite and subdue her under his command as the baton user. Put to a brain-washing machine, Aphrodite’s hidden instinct lying deep inside her is awoken, causing a slight derangement of her spirit. Later, after escaping somehow, she encounters an underling who tortured her and slays him out of rage. Killing human shocks her instincts out of slumber, and sexual stimulations drive her instincts to surface openly. Soon, the warrior of love and peace with a pure heart turns into a vicious girl of dark crooked mind...     

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